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Starritt brothers... building Dreams Making Memories, Starritt Construction of the San Francisco Bay Area
The past three decades have taught Mark & Bill that enduring quality cannot be taken lightly.

the Starritt brothers, Mark and Bill "Timer," started Starritt Construction in 1974. They understand the construction business inside and out. Much of their skill and knowledge was gained by personally performing all phases of construction from foundation to finish. Problem solving is a huge part of successful construction and with this in-depth knowledge, the outcome is never in doubt. The past three decades have taught Mark & Bill that enduring quality cannot be taken lightly. Doing it right from the beginning, day in and day out, is the only way they know how to work. Starritt Construction performs the majority of the concrete and framing and all of the finish work. They understand the importance of using experienced and reputable subcontractors with proven track records, many of whom have worked with Starritt for over 25 years. In fact, some are second and third generation specialized contractors.


i have known Mark and Timer Starritt for 30 years. The first work they did was for my parents. My father's favorite story to tell of the building of the house was how Timer would go through the house each night during the framing phase and knock out any board installed that had a knot in it or just on the principle he didn't like it. While this may have been aggravating for the framing crew each morning, it spoke of a commitment to quality in the "skeleton" that became apparent in what could be seen—the quality of the finish work was beyond belief and thirty years later it is more beautiful still.

In 1987 they did some remodeling of my first home—again, it was perfect. And, in 2003, my country home was destroyed by fire. Mark was there immediately, helping to secure what was left and navigate the first few horrible days. I never even considered, much less did, put the replacement house out to bid. I knew that the price would be fair—on target, not over, not under, but on target and that the finished product would be as close to perfection as human hands could obtain.

Mark and Timer did not just build the house—they helped set up my temporary housing on the property and they fought endless battles with the insurance company, PG&E, inspectors and just about anyone who delayed our return to our home. In the end, I have a home that always, without fail, elicits from every new visitor comments about the beauty of it, the fineness of the woodwork and the obvious attention to detail. We moved in in July 2005, almost two years to the day from the loss. It is now 2009 and Mark and Timer stand with what they have built&mdasheven thirty years later. They just finished assisting in the replacement of kitchen appliances in my mother's kitchen. My only regret is that I don't have a reason or the money to build another house. With Mark and Timer, the journey is far from dull and the destination is well worth the price.
-Kimberly Lynch, San Martin, CA

the Starritt brothers are knowledgeable, personable, creative and helpful! A job well done on our Monterey Dunes home, completed on time and within estimate! It's always a pleasure working with them!
-Ed & Patricia Schroeder

starritt Construction did a fantastic job remodeling my Oceanside townhouse. We live in Los Angeles and we were not around for most of the work, but Mark kept us up to speed throughout the process and never missed the cost or schedule. I recommend Mark highly for his workmanship, cost and his personal touch.
-Kent Kresa, Former Chairman, President and COO — Northrop Grumman Corporation

we had high expectations for building our quality home and Starritt Construction exceeded those. Their helpful ideas throughout the project and the lines of communication were always open. Their attention to detail is impeccable and their workmanship is superior. We gained a valuable friendship with Starritt Construction and we found out they make house calls; a wild turkey flew into and shattered our tall living room window. Within an hour, Timer was here making sure things were safe. By early morning the glass company was fixing it. That's what I call service!
-Patty Gravell